Romantic Vacations: Few Romantic Days in France Romantic destinations: eze, medieval village in france

One of the most beautiful and romantic places I’ve ever seen is in France. It’s a very small medieval village near the sea, called Eze. It really has a magic atmosphere, when getting into it, you cannot help feeling in a fairy tale…. It’s full of history and legends and… yes, it had its own witches and stories like Romeo and Juliet….

This village is between Nice and Monaco. The ancient part is perched on the side of a cliff and it has a wonderful view over the Mediterranean sea: the village is really as it was in medieval time. Now some of the houses, all restored, are used as little shops, but the touristic aim is so well managed that visitors are not disturbed by it. Souvenirs are most welcome because are not industrial and you will be able to find many beautiful items for you and your home (I did and I wish I could spend more!!). You should also visit the gardens and take a look at the beautiful fountains: the one with dancing dolphins is incredible!

Romantic getaways in France in a medieval villageI really wish I was a better photographer: the pictures I took don’t do any justice to this wonderful place.

Hotels in the village are very expensive, the number of rooms is very limited and the view must be absolutely enchanting. But there are many other beautiful places in the part of France, affordable and romantic, so you shouldn’t worry for your accomodation. And obviously you’ll have plenty choice for your meals…..

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