The first cut of the wedding cake is very important for a couple: it symbolize the feeding of each other.

To us the above video is important because it shows how to properly cut a tier cake. The lower tier of the cake shown in the above video is very tall. You shouldn’t have your anniversary cake with such tall tiers.

Shorter tiers are easier to manage, to cut and to serve.

Basically follow the above instructions, but cut the cake all the way down. Cut just about an inch off the edge of the cake and then cut all the way down. Then go over just about an inch and do the same. Then take your cake knife, push it just right in the base and remove it from the actual tier of the wedding cake.

Remember you should decide before how many slices you have to cut and consequently how the slices should be. Don’t cut the slices too thick: better have people asking for a second slice, rather than have people leaving half slice on their plate!!

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