Celebrate Your 15th Wedding Anniversary in Style

15th-anniversary-partySo you have finally reached your much-anticipated 15th wedding anniversary. Pretty good considering the fact that many couples simply do not make it that far these days! Now… next question; how are you planning on celebrating this milestone wedding anniversary? Are you going to throw an Anniversary Party? Do you or they have any particular party theme that comes to mind? Are you even thinking about making your anniversary celebration a themed celebration?

For the most part the 15th anniversary of your wedding ceremony is referred to as the “Crystal Anniversary” as it was traditional to give the couple gifts of crystal items to celebrate their anniversary of being together for 15 years. More recently people have been known to give the happy couple watches as wedding anniversary presents. The question that many couples are addressing these days is do they want their anniversary party/celebration to be small and private (only themselves in attendance) or are they going with something fancier and bigger?

Are you are involved in planning a 15th wedding anniversary celebration for someone else? If so, it is pretty important to know their likes and dislikes and tastes. This is especially important to the success of the celebration. Does the anniversary couple like to have celebrations that are elaborate or just simple and down-to-earth? By keeping all dietary special needs/food allergies in mind when deciding on the anniversary cake and food for the party you are ensuring that everybody has a good time. The main goal here, no matter the size or complexity of the celebration, is for the anniversary couple and guests to ENJOY the celebration!

If you want to learn how to plan an anniversary planning as a professional, I found a course which will help you: Become a party planner

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