happy-woman-after-her-party-planningThrowing a party, even if you have never hosted one, is not very difficult or stressful, once you know how to plan it. There are really many tasks associated with a party but you shouldn’t worry if you start on the right foot.

Planning an anniversary party is not different than planning any other kind of parties. The key point is planning: you need to think ahead about every single detail so that everything is ready on time.

In order to achieve the required result, a plan must cover every step.

I think that a party planning must be divided into 2 parts. The first is what I call “pre-planning” and in reality is the ….. planning of the planning!

The second step is the party planning itself.

In the pre-planning, you decide the basics about your party. These are:

  • Formal
  • Semiformal
  • Casual
  • Your place
  • Restaurant
  • Only your own family
  • Also close relatives
  • Also relatives and friends

Roughly decide the number of guests: 10? 30? 50? 100? more? Obviously having 10 guests is very different from having 100. It all depends upon you experience and upon how much help you can have (read below).

If you choose your place:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

Depending on the number of guests, you might not have enough room for an indoor party.

  • DIY
  • Catering

For a DIY party, you might need help: is there any person other than your guests who can help you not only with the preparation but also with serving and any other need? Here again this greatly depend on the number of guests.

Smiling woman planning an anniversary partyOnce you have made up your mind and have already taken the basic decisions, you are ready. Now planning your anniversary party is not very difficult because you know already what you want to achieve and looking for the right information is easier and quicker. Just follow me and I’ll take you by the hand through an happy journey end!

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