You cannot have an anniversary party without a proper cake.

You are probably going to choose your wedding anniversary cake very carefully because a good and beautiful cake is one of the most important detail in a party.

Whereas you are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary with a small party of with a big one, you surely want to have a cake people will remember.

You don’t need a huge cake, nor a designer cake: depending on the number of your guests, you can prepare it by yourself. There are many cake decorators available, but what about learning how to decorate it by yourself?

First decide how your cake should be. You might want a tiered cake, a simple cake, a heart shaped cake, or a cupcake tower: there are so many types of cakes to choose from!

If you have never decorated a cake, you cannot expect to make a masterpiece at your first try. Cake decoration is not difficult once you learn the know how, but you should start months before the party to learn the basics and then to master what can be considered a proper art.

In the near future I’ll write step by step instructions trying to give you a proper guide on how to make a perfect, super anniversary cake!

I’ll talk not only about decorating a cake, but also about recipes and tricks to cook a perfect cake, which I’ll learn along with you.


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