Hi! My name is Daniela.

I love helping others with presents, party organizations and vacations. I’m not an expert at all, but I read a lot, I like travelling and this helps me to keep on learning new things.

I’m often considered a very good confident about love problems: many friends and even new acquaintances tell me their relationship problems and want to know what I think about those issues. I don’t really know why. Here again I’m not an expert! Most probably they feel I really like listening, and feel a genuine sympathy with them. Sometimes they tell me I can say the (few!) right words at the right moment.

I created this blog to share what I know and because it gives me the opportunity to learn more things: I know that when I put my thoughts into written words, they turn to be more clear and last longer…. I consider this blog as a journey: with your help I will learn more and I will create many things.

I feel electrified and full of energy thinking at all the nice ideas we can produce!! :)

That’s all for now