This is the year of the bronze

Bronze is a hard metal. It is in fact the alloy of two other metals and it is much stronger than them. This might mean that a couple is much stronger than the 2 people taken separately.

There are many objects which can be given as a present for the 8th year anniversary.

bronze coins for 8th year anniversaryA bronze sculpture is an easy choice but you might try to be more creative with other items.

What about:

– A piggy bank full of bronze coins for a romantic holiday
– A bronze oil lamp to fulfill your beloved’s dreams
– A bronze plague where to engrave your love for your spouse
– A Tshirt with a bronze heart
– A bronze padlock to keep you two alwayas together
– Ancient bronze opera glasses toghether with a ticket for an important theatre representation.

genie lamp as a 8th year anniversary gift
Otherwise you can opt for a more common bronze

– figurine
– frame
– lamp
– door knocker
– singing bowl
– candlestick

Coins © Madeinmsu | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
Lamp © Dikti | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

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