Are you celebrating your 7th year wedding anniversary?

Flirting couple celebrating anniversaryThis has been an important year. The 6th year wedding is linked to iron: very strong, nevertheless it can get ruined by rust and after a while can be corrupted.

What about the 7the year anniversary? It is associated with wool and copper. What does it mean? Both wool and Copper are strong, but malleable and can be folded easily. The seventh year marriage is well known for the Seven Year Itch. It’s a special period: you have been together enough to be considered a consolidated couple, you have already seen all the ups and downs, but differences and problems might now arise stronger and can make or break the couple.

Hopefully your is a healthy marriage. If you are encountering some problems, nothing could be better than celebrate your 7th year anniversary with a romantic getaway. Few days you 2 alone, far from family problems, sons, grandparents and bills can give your couple new energy and renew your love. Being in a different place, with a different, lazy, timetable, eating different food…. Looking at different things with different eyes…. Whatever your marriage might have been lately, pretend you are just dating and starting a new life, a new love story.

Flirt!! You are never too old or “too married” to flirt, trying to be attractive and sexy!

That said, let’s think about gifts….

  • A Stylish Woolen Bed Cover, nice and warm, to spend cold winter days making love under it!
  • Clothes and accessories: any kind of wool products as
    • Wool Sweaters and Cardigans
    • Wool vests
    • Winter coats and Ponchos
    • Wool hats
    • Wool headbands,
    • Wool gloves and mittens,
    • Wool hiking socks,
    • Wool scarves and shavles.
  • Precious, antique carpets
  • For her: knitting patterns, accessories, books, etc. (did you know that many man love knitting, considering it a very relaxing hobby?? Why not finding a course to be followed together?)
  • For him wool insulation fibers, to finally insulate the house or maybe the garage where he loves to work at his hobbies.

For your presents, find nice, luxury wool as Iceland wool, Lambskin, Angora, Merino, Mohair, Cashmere, Shetland, etc… there are so many!!

As for copper the choice is: antique and modern kitchenware, lamps, vases, sculptures, and what about a bucket full of coins as start savings for a family project or your next vacation……

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