Eiffel tower miniature-6-year-anniversary-gift6 years have passed!

6 years together, 6 years married….. You as a couple are stable and strong as iron.

Iron is the symbol associated to the 6th year marriage, meaning the strengh of your relationship.

There are many items to be used as a 6 year anniversary present, although iron is not used very much anymore.

Basically, you can take objects made by other metals, not only iron. Metals which in the last decades are being using instead of iron.

Therefore, besides antique iron objects, which are the joy of collectors, such as irons, horse shoes, fireplace sets, furniture (mainly chairs, small tables and shelves), figurines and tools, you can get various metal items.

Gifts for him:

  • Any kind of metal tools such as spanners, nuts, screwdrivers, pliers, drsfting tools, etc.
  • a metal tool case
  • a set of golf clubs
  • weights or workout equipment

Gifts for her:

  • Metal jewelry
  • a course or a book to learn how to create metal silver clay
  • a pair of metal heel stiletto
  • wrought iron dress form mannequin
  • metal cookbook stands
  • metal kitchenware

For the garden:

  • Wrought iron furniture
  • fountains
  • birdbaths
  • benches
  • lamps


  • frames
  • a metal bed
  • windchimes
  • door handles
  • plant stands
  • sculptures
  • metal wall art
  • designer sunglasses metal frames
  • cast iron cookware or bakeware

The best gift of all? A small metal replica of the Tour Eiffel wrapped together to a ticket for two for a trip to France for a wonderful, romantic vacation…..

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