Second Year Anniversary

The second year anniversaries embrace the cotton theme. This time, the best traditional anniversary presents include bed sheets, pillows, cute couple shirts, a hammock, or sexy lingerie. Anniversary gifts by year, especially on the second year, allows the couples to have the time to cuddle, to be more intimate, to cherish the two years that they have been together and the many more years that they will be spending more. Through giving such gifts, you are sure to enjoy the most out of it and simply remembering all the memories you have shared on bed and have some more intimate time together through your gifts.

hammock-as-a-present-for-2-year-anniversaryA hammock is a good choice that will fit only both of you. You can use it while talking outside or while reading together (why not during a romantic vacation in some exotic places??). But if you opt with the pillows and the bed sheets can also be fun to use. You can make a theme like if you wanted to go wild then choose shades of red or forest like with zebra or leopard prints. You can couple it with the best and sexiest lingerie. It can sure add fun to the mood. Both of you will definitely enjoy the night. Nonetheless, if you wanted to share same shirts – that is the couple shirts – you can make it your own by buying a plain tee then making some designs of your own. Or you can buy the readily available ones as there is actually a wide variety available in the market today. But the handmade one surely makes it more fun to do especially if you share doing the activity together.

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